Expert Advice: Gears & Drive Components

Drives & Accessories will advise on the purchase of gears and drive components with a view to the most appropriate equipment for the machinery and task.

We keep an eye focused on whether an upgrade, refurbishment or replacement of your parts or gearbox or transmission equipment is the best way of moving forward to produce superior outcomes in gearbox effectiveness and efficiency.


During any gearbox repair we will seek to pinpoint the underlying reason for the gearbox failure and if necessary we will undertake:

  • oil analysis,
  • vibration measurements and
  • thorough visual inspection, and
  • check for abrasive wear patterns and gear tooth pitting.

Determining root causes may help to avoid repeated need for repair and will ensure minimum machine downtime in the future.

Sales and Supply of Parts, Gears, Drives and Accessories

We will supply gears, drives and accessories as required.

We attempt to provide Australian manufactured parts where possible and if the quality meets the needs.

We will provide quality workmanship based on our experience working with all industrial gearbox types and all makes commonly employed in South Australian industrial settings including:

Helical Gears

  • single helical gears,
  • double helical gears and
  • crossed helical gears (spiral gears)

Worms (worm gears)

Sumitomo Cyclo® Gears

Bevel Gears

  • Spiral bevel gears,
  • Straight bevel gears

Shaft Mounts

  • Shaft mounted drives,
  • Shaft mounted reducers


  • Variable speed drives or transmissions,
  • Friction variators,
  • Belt variators and
  • Mechanical variators


all drive components

The Drives & Accessories workshop at Wingfield is fully equipped to undertake milling and gear/sprocket cutting and broaching.

We also can provide general machining and customised machining services giving us considerable in house machining capability.

Drives & Accessories will customise a product for your application to solve a problem.


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Emergency Service
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